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It all began in 1968. A rapidly expanding range of products soon required moving to larger and own premisis within a few years.

In 1989, Thomas Lüdke took over and developed the titanium and special materials business even further. The integration of the water-jet cutting technology generated significant synergies since 1994 and is now operated as a separate division by aquacut Microzerspanung GmbH.

Starting out from a strong position as a innovative supplier to the electroplating industry, today the products of Schumacher Titan are well known in the aerospace-, printing- and paper industry as well as solar power-, chemical-, medical- and food industry. To only name a few.

The material used in the production, in addition to commercially pure titaniu and alloyed titanium are zirconium, niobium, tantalum and high-alloy stainless steels.

Through our close relationship with our customers their individual needs are reflexted in every single product. No matter where in the world. This holistic approach, combinded with a constant investment in our equipment and personell, ensures a high level of innovation in our products.