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Löhdorfer Str. 29 | 42699 Solingen

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In a world, increasingly marked by scarcity of resources and environmental pollution, we must not stand at the sideline. Therefore our production processes are subject to strict standards that ensure high quality manufacturing as well as a sustainable and as such social, economy.

The goods and services purchased by us, to the extend possible, are provided by regional partners. This is what we call a business of short distances.

The concept of pullution prevention and resource conservation is also reflected in our modern office and production complex. Our light management controls the illumination of every single workplace, depending on daylight exposure. We constantly avoid unnecessary lightning and doing so save cabon dioxids. The energy consumed for production is offset to a large extent by our rooftop solar panels. In addition, we supply all areas that do not require drinking water quality with underground stored rainwater.

With all these steps we make our individual contribution to the environmental protection. This concept of sustainability is what we communicate constantly with our suppliers. Thrugh this, we are now in a position to ensure RoHS compiance for all our products.


As a company, we see ourselves as an active member of society. We are deeply rooted to the region and proud to offer labor intense products - made in Germany.

The education and training of our employees is an integral part of this philosophy. It ensures a young and motivated team in order to continue the prodution on this high quality level.