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If in need for any special diameters/ sizes or alloys in small or uncommon quantities. Go ahead and contact us!


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Titanium fasteners

Our extensive stock of titanium fasteners allows us a rapid processing of spontaneous amounts as well as the management of larg annual quantites.

Our stock range includes commercially pure titanium and stabilized titanium alloys for medical or aviation applications

From stock we supply:

DIN 84 titanium slotted cheese head

DIN 85 titanium slotted flat head

DIN 125 titanium wascher

DIN 127 titanium spring wascher

DIN 553 threaded titanium screws with slot

DIN 912 titanium cylinder head with slot

DIN 913 titanium hexagon socket

DIN 931 titanium hexagon socket with partial thread

DIN 933 titanium hexagon socket

DIN 934 titanium nut

DIN 963 titanium cuntersunk slotted

DIN 975 titanium thread rod

DIN 976 titanium thread pin

For special turned parts we highly appreciate your drawings.